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By R. M. Meluch

The U.S. Merrimack used to be the best battleship in Earth's fleet, in a position to stand up to the easiest the Palatine Empire may well throw at them. purely her sister send, the Monitor, was once her equivalent. So whilst the Palatine forces secretly captured Monitor, Merrimack's defense used to be compromised-and that used to be simply the outlet salvo of an entire new level of battle among Palatine and Earth.

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Brief ’em in their cockpits. ” Navigation calculated the course. The pilot was already maneuvering the Merrimack toward the front of the Roman convoy. Tactical timed out the intervals for a silent deployment. It was a touchy operation. Merrimack was to breach her force field and push out flights and squadrons of Swifts at timed intervals. The little fighter ships would glide into position on inertia only, and without IFF. The IFF sync-up was resonant and so undetectable without a precisely tuned harmonic chamber.

He would make sure to have the prisoners deloused of any Roman motes and other surveillance devices before delivering them to the Mack. But it was going to kill TR Steele to obey the rules of exchange. Steele hated wearing a Red Cross almost as much as he hated wearing League of Earth Nations’ green. Under either flag he was obliged to take no offensive action. The directions to the space buoy were specific. Variation from the approach route would not be tolerated. Steele kept his fists clenched as if physical bonds were biting into his stout wrists.

Colonel Oh scolded. Scolded. “You must hit the cargo carriers! They’re the whole reason we’re out here! They’re carrying the heavy equipment to build the Roman Catapult. ” “The cargo carriers aren’t powered up,” Farragut said, information, not argument. He might explain himself to Lu Oh but he could never be said to argue with her. “They’re coasting. We’ll get a second shot at them. ” Twitches at these speeds put megaklicks between you and your target before your thoughts could travel across a single synapse.

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