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And had signals intelligence been passed to Jellicoe in usable form during the night of 31 May 1916, the result off Jutland would have been very different. But that, again, is straying into forbidden territory.  . Peter Padfield, Woodbridge, May 2000 1 The Sailing Navy The sea is a wide road to all countries with coastline or navigable rivers; this is the great theme. From the earliest times it has been a road offering enormous economies to merchants who adventured upon it. Far less horsepower was needed to part water before a ship's prow than to turn wheels over rough country, and as there were few limits to sea tracks the free wind could be sought wherever it blew, and harnessed.

I am also grateful to Mr Martin Holbrook for his splendid line diagrams. I should also like to thank Lord Fisher, DSO, for permission to quote from his grandfather's letters, Lord Beatty, DSC, for permission to quote from his father's letter, Admiral Sir Desmond Dreyer, GCB, DSC, for permission to quote from his father's autobiography, The Sea Heritage, and Lt Cdr W. B. Harvey and the Editor of Navy for permission to quote from his very evocative reminiscences, 'Broadside Mess', published in Navy.

In order to take full advantage Jellicoe and his gunnery officer, Lieutenant Dreyer, collaborated on a fire control system employing separate range and bearing plots of the enemy – as distinct from integrating both range and bearing in a 'true plot' of the enemy as Arthur Pollen proposed. The ranges obtained by rangefinders were fed into a 'Range-rate Clock', which generated a rate of change of range (see fuller description in the chapter on fire control); if this fell out of step with the reported ranges it was 'tuned' to the observed range.

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