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By Living Language, Annie Heminway

Created for the intense language-learner, our final French complicated path has been revised and up-to-date. It teaches a worldly point of dialog and grammar and is corresponding to years of faculty learn. loose extra workouts at the moment are on hand online!

Perfect for the businessperson and a person touring or residing in a foreign country, final French complicated coursebook features20lessons withlively, up to date dialogues, vocabulary, routines, tradition notes, and particular reasons of grammar and usage.


• excellent for someone making plans to reside or behavior enterprise abroad

• comprises huge enterprise vocabulary and information of

business etiquette

• loose additional perform on-line with greater than a hundred extra perform sections

• up to date with new vocabulary and knowledge approximately tradition and daily life; and now contain references to the euro

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Extra resources for Ultimate French Advanced

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Cuál es su nombre? (K’WAHL ess soo NOHM-breh) Where are you from? ¿De dónde es? (deh THOHN-deh ess) Where do you live? ¿Dónde vive? (DOHN-deh BEE-beh) How long have you been here? ¿Hace cuánto que vive aquí? (AH-seh K’WAHN-toh keh BEE-beh ah-KEE) Where did you work before? ¿Dónde trabajó antes? (DOHN-deh trah-bah-HOH AHN-tess) What kind of work did you do? ¿Qué tipo de trabajo hizo? (KEH TEE-poh deh trah-BAH-hoh EE-soh) Do you have any experience in outdoor work? ¿Ha trabajado afuera alguna vez?

Saque la basura. (SAH-keh lah bah-SOO-rah) Remove that. Quite eso. (KEE-teh EH-soh) Open the door. Abra la puerta. (AH-brah lah PWEHR-tah) Close Cierre (S’YEHR-reh) Turn on the water. Abra la llave del agua. (AH-bra lah YAH-beh del AH-gwah) Turn off the water. Cierre la llave del agua. (S’YEHR-reh lah yah-beh del AH-gwah) Turn on the lights. Encienda la luz. (en-S’YEN-dah lah LOOSE) Turn off the lights. Apague la luz. (ah-PAH-geh lah LOOSE) Lock up. Cierre con llave. (S’YEHR-reh kohn lah YAH-beh) Don’t go there.

ESS-teh trah-BAH-hoh doo-rah-RAH) project proyecto (proh-YEK-toh) task / chore tarea (tah-REH-ah) all day todo el día (toh-thoh el DEE-ah) for a short time un tiempo corto (oon T’YEM-poh KOR-toh) long largo (LAHR-goh) for five minutes cinco minutos (SEENG-koh mee-NOO-tohs) for an hour una hora (OO-nah OR-ah) for two hours dos horas (DOHS OR-ahs) for a week una semana (OO-nah seh-MAH-nah) 40 Establishing Policies for a month un mes (OON MESS) for (more than) a year (más de) un año ([MAHS deh] OON AHN-yoh) Planning the Day These phrases will help you tell your employees where to be, and at what time.

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