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By Olga B. Fabrichnaya Ph.D., Surendra K. Saxena Ph.D., Pascal Richet Ph.D., Edgar F. Westrum Jr. Ph.D. (auth.)

This ebook provides thermodynamic info on oxides within the process MgO-FeO-Fe2O3-Al2O3-SiO2. those information are produced by way of a means of evaluate that includes the mixing of thermochemical (calorimetric) and section equilibrium facts. The latter were chosen from a couple of guides in high-pressure examine carried out at pressures and temperatures within the diversity of one bar to numerous Giga Pascals and three hundred to 2500 ok respectively. a different function of the database is that the evaluation contains not just the thermodynamic facts on natural finish member species, but in addition the information on multicomponent ideas. because the resolution description follows the layout utilized in the preferred thermodynamic computational applications similar to FACTSAGE, ChemSage and Thermocalc, the database is straightforward to include within the presently used databases in those programs. The database is extremely important to these operating within the box of metallurgy (e.g. slags) and ceramics. it's crucial for all those that do thermodynamic modeling of the terrestrial planetary interiors.

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Read Online or Download Thermodynamic Data, Models, and Phase Diagrams in Multicomponent Oxide Systems: An Assessment for Materials and Planetary Scientists Based on Calorimetric, Volumetric and Phase Equilibrium Data PDF

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Extra info for Thermodynamic Data, Models, and Phase Diagrams in Multicomponent Oxide Systems: An Assessment for Materials and Planetary Scientists Based on Calorimetric, Volumetric and Phase Equilibrium Data

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The transitions are very sluggish and sensitive to influence of impurities and shear stress. At pressures about 15-25 GPa, the sequence of phase transformations depends on temperature. It was found that at 1273 K and pressures about 15 GPa enstatite transforms to ~-phase + Si02 (stishovite). This equilibrium was studied in Akimoto and Syono [70AKI/SYO], Akaogi and Akimoto [77AKA/AKI]. At higher pressure the ~-phase transforms to the y-phase; at pressures about 20 GPa a mixture of y-spinel and Si02 transform to MgSi0 3-ilmenite, which transforms to 12 Experimental Phase Equilibrium Data perovskite at pressures 23-24 GPa.

Phase equilibrium measurements at high pressure and temperature in the system Si0 2, Mg2Si04, MgSi0 3, Fe2Si04 and FeSi0 3. Range T, K System Si0 2 l. Quartz = Coesite 1073-1273 873-1653 623-1273 1273-1673 2. Coesite = Stishovite 800-1400 873-1473 2273-3073 1273-1803 2603-2903 System Mg2Si04 Olivine= ~-Spinel 1073-1573 1073-1573 1073-1873 1473-1873 2513 ~ -Spinel = y -Spinel 1073-1473 1073-1373 1473-1873 1373-1873 y -Spinel= Perovskite + MgO 1273-1873 1873 P(GPa)= A+ B· T(K) Ref. 1 (continued) Range T,K System Fe2Si04 Olivine = y -Spinel 1073-1793 1073-1793 1793 1073-1473 y-Spinel = FeO + Stishovite 1273-2473 System MgSi03 Clinoenst = ~-Spinel + Stishovite 1473-1920 1673 Clinoenst = Gamet 1920-2373 2423 Gamet = ~-Spinel + Stishovite 1920-2090 1873 y-Spinel + Stishovite = Ilmenite 1473-1880 1273 1373 Gamet = Ilmenite 2090-2330 2303 Ilmenite = Perovskite 1473-2330 1773 1273-1873 Gamet = Perovskite 2673 2303 2330 P(GPa)= A + B· T{K) Ref.

The studies of Ahmed-Zaid and Madon ([91AHMIMAD], [95AHMIMAD]) showed that pyrope decomposed at a pressure of 40 GPa forming silicate perovskite and either MgAlzSi06 or AlzSi05 (high pressure polymorph) depending on temperature. Ito and Takahashi [87ITO/ TAK] and Takahashi and Ito [87TAK/ITO] reported the presence of an unknown aluminous phase in synthetic basalt and natural peridotite. Irifune et al. [96IRIIKOI] proposed that this Al-rich silicate, also reported by Ahmed-Zaid and Madon [95AHMIMAD], was a corundum solid solution MgSiOrAlz03.

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