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By Jeff Grubb, Gabriel Mesta, Tracy Hickman, Micky Neilson

Within the far-off destiny, a unfastened confederacy of terran exiles is locked in conflict sixty thousand light-years from Earth, stuck within the crossfire among strong alien races: the enigmatic protoss and the ruthless zerg swarm. Conflicts rage around the Koprulu quarter as all the 3 species fights for its life one of the stars. LIBERTY'S campaign: in the back of the assaults of the zerg and the protoss lies the tale of an entire life, and investigative reporter Mike Liberty is set to discover it. yet each new piece of data simply deepens the secret. Thrown into the center of a warfare which can ensure the destiny of humanity within the Koprulu region, Liberty stories at the escalating clash and wonders whom he can have enough money to belief. SHADOW OF THE XEL'NAGA: Bhekar Ro is a bleak, backwater international at the edge of the Terran Dominion, and each day is a fight to outlive for the planet's human colonists. but whilst a violent hurricane finds an unfathomable alien constitution, Bhekar Ro turns into the best prize within the Koprulu area. Zerg, protoss, and terran forces flip the planet right into a bloody battlefield of their haste to say the misplaced secrets and techniques of the main robust species the universe has ever recognized. pace OF DARKNESS: All Ardo Melnikov ever dreamed of used to be dwelling in peace at the verdant colony of Bountiful. That dream used to be shattered while the zerg attacked the colony and annihilated his family. Now a marine charged with protecting the worlds of the Terran Confederacy, he needs to come to phrases with the painful thoughts of his past...and the unsettling truths which could dominate his destiny. rebellion: She is the Queen of Blades. Her identify has develop into legend in the course of the galaxy, and that legend is loss of life for all who dare oppose the swarm. however, Sarah Kerrigan used to be human, and a rare human at that. pressured to turn into one of many Terran Confederacy's cruel psionic assassins, she performed her orders with no query till a coincidence propelled her towards a future not anyone can have foreseen. this can be the story of Kerrigan's shadowy origins -- and the battle that used to be fought for her very soul.

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You have enough for your report, Mr. Liberty,” Duke said. “We will remain on station in the event of other hostiles for the foreseeable future. ” snapped the colonel, turning away from Liberty. “Zed-Two, Quadrant Five, one AU out. ” A pause, and then a defeated shrug crept into the tech’s words. ” Duke nodded. “Prepare to intercept anomalous readings. ” 40 JEFF GRUBB Duke turned back to the reporter. ” “We’re the only ship between them and Mar Sara. ” Mike almost said, “Easy for you, you’re in a hardshelled battlesuit,” but caught himself.

There was a lot of anxiousness in the camp, and a great desire to be someplace— anyplace—else. And there was something else there as well, Mike discovered as he moved among the uprooted populace. The sudden knowledge of the Protoss was followed by a wave of mysterious sightings. Lights were reported in the sky, and strange-looking creatures on the ground. Cattle were found slain and mutilated. Add to that the blanket admission that the Confederacy was definitely herding the populace out of certain areas, as if they knew something they weren’t telling people.

It was, however, amusing to see the rookies staggering around the narrow passages in full combat armor. But for the colonel’s suit to be here, newly polished and ready, boded very ill indeed. The suit itself was massive, hunched forward on the hanger under its own weight. In that way, it seemed to Michael Liberty, the empty suit fit its owner well. Colonel Duke reminded Mike of the great apes of Old 25 Liberty's CrUSADE Earth, the ones that climbed buildings and swatted down primitive aircraft.

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