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The lnstauration was never pushed to completion, but scattered images throughout suggest that it was informed by the grand vision of repairing the Fall, which had caused a divorce between the human mind and nature and had caused the mind to tum in on itself; Bacon's method would rectify the senses by experiment, would "re-marry" the purged senses to the mind, rectify the mind by the inductive method, then "re-marry" the mind to nature and hence lead man to the Adamic state in which his investigations would be like playing with the God of created nature.

Following "Cynthia" Ganymede returns as the object of praise in twenty sonnets, most of which are better than competent. In the most imposing work in this volume, "The Legend of Cassandra," Barnfield takes up the Ovidian-Mythological genre, elements of which had informed his earlier pastoral laments, but, as in those pastorals, Barnfield's inability or lack of concern to keep his narrative free from extraneous elements (such as several stanzas late in the poem in praise of Cassandra's chastity when initially she is portrayed as treacherous) mars his characterization and muddles the poem's effect.

Two Books of Airs. ). Songs of Mourning Bewailing the Death of Prince Henry. 1613. The Third and Fourth Book of Airs. ). Epigrammatum Libri II, Umbra, Elegiarum Liber Unus. 1619. A Friend's Advice in a Ditty Concerning the Variable Changes in the World. ). Plays The Description of a Mask at Whitehall in Honour of the Lord Hayes and His Bride; Other Small Poems (produced 1607). 1607. The Description of a Mask at the Marriage of the Earl of Somerset and Frances Howard (produced 1613). 1614. 42 CAMPION A Relation of the Late Royal Entertainment Given by Lord Knowles on the Marriage Night of the Count Palatine and the Lady Elizabeth (produced 1613).

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