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The fair Princess, Marya Morevna, carried him off into her own realm. They spent some time together, and then the Princess took it So she handed over all the houseinto her head to go a warring. ' tent, : ' ; He couldn't help doing so. The moment Marya Morevna had gone he rushed to the closet, piilled open the door, and looked in there hung Koshchei the Deathless, fettered by twelve chains. Then Koshchei entreated Prince Ivan, saying Ten years long Have pity upon me and give me to drink have I been here in torment, neither eating nor drinking my : ' !

Those pies, and then to start in pursuit ' ' ! ; ' 1 Let us fly, Marya Morevna Ah, Prince Ivan he ! ' ! ' So they got ready and ' At us. all events we shall have spent As Koshchei the Deathless was fled. returning home, his good steed stumbled beneath him. Why stumblest thou, sorry jade ? ' ' ' ? ' them ? ' ' Is ' It is possible to it ' possible to catch off, caught up Prince Ivan Didn't I tell you that you should not see Marya Morevna any more than your own ears ? Koshchei galloped : ' ' And he took her Prince Ivan was away and carried her off home with him.

Hard will it be for you to find her,' answered the Falcon. 'At I ; Princess fair ' all 45 events leave with us your silver spoon. ' and went on his way again. On he went one day, on he went another day, and by the dawn of the third day he saw a palace still grander than the former one Falcon's, THE DEATH OF KOSHCHEI THE DEATHLESS 46 and hard by the palace stood an oak, and on the oak sat an eagle. Down flew the Eagle from the oak, smote upon the ground, turned into a brave youth, and cried aloud L Rise up, Princess Olga Hither comes our brother dear The Princess Olga immediately ran to meet him, and began kissing him and embracing him, asking after his health, and telling him all about herself.

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