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By John Whitman

Hologram enjoyable global. it is a subject matter park visited by means of households from all around the galaxy. it is a position the place Tash and Zak can properly hang around whereas Hoole keeps his paintings. it is a position the place sunlight hours enjoyable becomes night terror.One of the park's points of interest is termed the Nightmare desktop. It scans your mind, then indicates you your worst fears in holographic shape. furry, creepy-crawly bugs. Cyborrean conflict canines thirsting for blood. yet it isn't genuine, so it is fun--right?Wrong. As Zak and Tash will quickly discover, nightmares can come actual.

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Zak thought he felt a cold current of water rush beneath his feet, as though something large had passed through the water beneath him. He looked around frantically. Farther out on the ocean, bubbles rose to the surface. Something was out there. " Tash wondered aloud. No one had time to answer. More air bubbles burst through the surface, and then a huge gray shape rose into the air, shedding an enormous tent of water. The gray shape was at least twenty meters off, but still it loomed over the two Arrandas and their droid.

A tiny noise reached his ears over the sounds of the Whaladon's body. "-and squirmed toward the sound. " he called into the pitch darkness. A hand reached out and grabbed the collar of his tunic, pulling him easily along the Whaladon's slick tongue until he felt himself lying next to his sister. She was clinging to something hard and rough and pointed. " Tash shouted. "I don't know," Zak said. " Two dim round lights presented themselves. They were the glow from Deevee's photoreceptors. " Beneath them, the Whaladon's tongue surged and curled back away from the teeth.

How could that rancor have eaten Lando? " Tash didn't answer. She still seemed lost in her own world. Zak answered his own question. "I don't know. I told you something's wrong here. It's like the Hall of Reflection. " He pointed to the nearest building, a long, low structure at the edge of the lagoon. "Whatever that rancor is, I don't want it to find us. Let's stay out of the open. " Slowly Tash and Zak made their way toward a building surrounded by small kiosks. The kiosks contained arts and crafts from across the galaxy-woven baskets spun from the grass fields of Worru'du, magnificent animated storytelling puppets from the planet Zhann, and delicate figurines made from seashells on the manytiered world of K'ath.

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