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By Paul C. Jong

Which will interpret the Lords Prayer competently, we needs to first accurately comprehend the gospel of the water and the Spirit, which used to be spoken to us through the Lord. we've fact in us after we not just be aware of and comprehend the gospel of the water and the Spirit but in addition think it with our hearts. the real gospel, which we think in, has led us to this point, in order that we will be able to lead actually trustworthy lives that the Lord wishes from us within the Lords Prayer. The prayer that our Lord taught us exhibits us by way of what religion we the saints should still stay. we will be able to divide the Lords Prayer into 5 sections. we must always no longer try and interpret the Lords Prayer in response to the spiritual customs. That in simple terms leads us to nice misinterpretations. we're not able to thrill God via formal religion following non secular doctrines. Then, how should still we comprehend the Lords Prayer? the reply lies within the religion within the gospel of the water and the Spirit giving a formal realizing. And we can obtain precise religious enlightenment in it. Now, we all needs to discover the genuine religion as spoken during the Lords Prayer within the notice of the Bible.

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And how could we live our elevated lives that enable us to enjoy the privilege to call the holy God as our Father? We could not help but live the life of a maggot that populates country style toilets eating their filth. We thank God for calling such as us to call God in Heaven our Father. This life is of the amazing power of our God. We who have been born again through the gospel of the water and the Spirit never live like maggots, no matter how weak we may be. Everyone who has the likeness of God can become a child of God by believing in His gospel, although he may currently be a sinner bounded by his sins.

Likewise, those who are united with Jesus Christ’s baptism have been resurrected in their faith. Our souls have been brought back to life because we have participated in Jesus’ baptism, His death on the Cross, and His resurrection by faith. Those souls that do not believe in the righteousness of Jesus Christ are already dead. Yet, even these souls will be revived through the faith if they come to unite with our Lord’ baptism. What does the soul of a righteous need to sustain itself? He receives the eternal remission of sin and is revived by being reunited with Christ in his faith in the baptism the Son of God received, the Cross, and His resurrection.

I believe that we will gain strength in our hearts once we have shared the gospel of the water and the Spirit with the entire world. On that day, we will be able to tell more jokes, enjoy more delicious food, and ◄ CONTENTS ► 38 “Our Father in Heaven Hallowed Be Your Name” laugh even harder than we have here. How Can We Give Glory to the Father’s Name? Today, I would like to share with you the Lord’s Prayer as the Lord taught us in Matthew chapter 6. ” What do we need to do in order to give glory to the name of God?

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