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By Dusum Kyenpa, Michele Martin, David Karma Choepel, Ogyen Trinley Dorje

Nine hundred years in the past, the 1st Karmapa, Dusum Khyenpa, encouraged his disciples via his teachings and during the instance of his existence. this primary English translation of his teachings and biographies permits modern readers to adventure this nice master's forthright demeanour, think his dedication to perform, and obtain the lessons he gave in either notice and deed.

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With real discipline, you'll surely go to the higher realms. Applying yourself to skillful means, you'll surely move along the path. Resting within the natural ground without altering, you'll surely realize the actual nature. " A ray of sunlight appeared, and they rode it all the way to Tushita, where they found Maitreya in a sambhogakaya form teaching the Dharma to numerous white monks. Dusum Khyenpa heard this verse: In this, there's nothing to remove Nor anything at all to add. Looking authentically at the authentic And seeing authentically is liberation.

At Nenang, innumerable relics came from his teeth and upper arms. In the hidden land of Saktir, his eyes were not well, and when blood was let from a vein in his head, the vermilion liquid gave forth numberless relics. When he was at The Precious Lives of the Lord of Dharma in Eighteen Chapters Chebar in Drilung, two people carried away the soil from a place where he had urinated and strained it. One of them dreamt that there were relics in the dirt. When they shook it back and forth in water, four relics appeared.

Some supplicated him and relics arose; for others, relics appeared and then disappeared. Those with pure perception had pure visions. Dusum Khyenpa manifested in a variety of ways in order to clear away doubts. At Kampa Nenang, while two geshes and a few monks were performing the rituals of an empowerment, one of the geshes saw Dusum Khyenpa as Vajra Yogini and related this to his friends. When Dzamton Sangye was participating in a feast offering, he saw Rinpoche as Heruka Chakrasamvara. During the memorial ceremonies for Gampopa, a great meditator from Central Tibet saw Avalokiteshvara, yellow in color with one thousand arms and one thousand eyes, in the place where Rinpoche was sitting at the head of the monks.

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