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By Keith Dowman

This is often the "secret biography" of 1 of Tibets most well known saints, the Buddha Drukpa Kunley (1455-1570). showing within the religious lineage verified through Tilopa, is an incarnation of the nice Mahasiddha, Saraha.

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Preaching the Law with pride and vanity T he D ivine Madman Is the weakness o f scholars and teachers R em ove it through hum ility and tranquility. T he sweet smiles o f nuns Are the plague o f Gom chens A void it through self-control. A ttachm ent to fashionable jew elry Is the bane o f all w om en D estroy it by dressing them in patched rags. T he Lam a’s thick penis Is the plague o f nuns A void it by shouting to awaken the neighbours. T he birth o f bastards Is the fate o f w hores A vert it by show ing them the door.

If an enlightened perspective is not intuitively grasped, W hat can be gained by a systematic search? Living on borrow ed time and energy, wasting your life, W ho will repay your debts in the future? W earing coarse and scanty clothing in great discomfort, W hat can the ascetic gain by suffering the cold hells in this life? T he aspirant striving w ithout specific instruction. Like an ant clim bing a sand hill, accomplishes nothing. G athering instruction, but ignoring meditation on the nature o f m ind, Is like starving oneself when the larder is full.

If you are truly a skilled carpenter’s son, D o not leave me a doorstep forever, B ut shape m e into a lintel for the Jow o Temple; T h e karm a o f w ood exhausted Let m e gain Buddhahood. ‘Look at Sum chok, the unhappiest o f women! O x -H ead ’s blow s m ake m y life unbearable. ’ K u n le y a n d S u m c h o k , sin g in g th e ir so n g s back an d fo rth to each o th e r, w e re o v e rh e a rd b y O x -H e a d . ’ he called. ’ ‘W h a t n e w s has h e b een telling y o u ? ’ she w as asked.

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