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By Philip Carr-Gomm

Have you ever desired to understand extra approximately alchemy, combine up a natural treatment, dowse for water, practice a spell, or discover extra approximately "second sight"? Did the Harry Potter books ignite your interest approximately wizardry? via experiments to attempt and locations to go to, in addition to a historic exploration of magic and interviews with prime magicians, The ebook of English Magic will introduce you to the extreme international that lies underneath the surface.

Magic runs throughout the veins of English historical past, a part of everyday life from the earliest Arthurian legends to Aleister Crowley to the novels of Tolkien and Philip Pullman, and from the Druids to Freemasonry and past. Richly illustrated and deeply an expert, this booklet is a useful resource for a person excited by magic and wizardry, or for stylish practitioners desirous to research more.

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Stradivarius used to hang his violins in his bedroom after he had made them, and some say that this was his great secret: since he was a passionate and loving husband, the instruments somehow absorbed the vibrations of love and ecstasy generated so often in that small room. In contrast, where awful crimes have been committed people tend to feel uncomfortable. It has been suggested that ley lines have particular electromagnetic properties and when flying saucers were seen in numbers, during the 1960s, over the English countryside, some writers suggested that they might have been using ley lines both for navigation and as a power grid – sucking the energy in the ley network straight into their engines to power their craft.

It is as if there is another world just waiting to be discovered if only we can learn to see in a new way. Up until the seventeenth century most people in England took little notice of the prehistoric monuments that littered the land. Viewing them as a nuisance, they often dismantled them to clear fields or to provide building materials. Even so, folklore and stories lingered around many of them, such as the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire, which were said to be uncountable. When antiquarians such as John Aubrey and William Stukeley began to survey these old monuments in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, and suggested they were the temples of the Druids, it dawned upon the intelligentsia that they inhabited a landscape of sacred sites.

It wasn’t until I gunned the car down the road and over a bridge that I began to feel better. My wife Ba and I extended our researches into energy lines to other countries, in particular South Africa and New Zealand and returned from our trips more than ever determined to understand the paths of communication that the indigenous people we met found so easy. One of our most interesting experiments was in the creation of an earth sculpture in our garden, based on the ancient Egyptian ‘Seed of Life’, one of the most ancient symbols of creation, the building block of the universe.

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