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This ebook is the definitive learn consultant for the attempt of crucial educational abilities (TEAS) that's used as a pre-entrance examination through nursing faculties around the state. The proctored TEAS try, constructed by way of review applied sciences, Inc. (ATI), measures simple crucial abilities in analyzing, arithmetic, technology, and English and language utilization. This examine advisor includes tutorial content material in all the 4 key parts, in addition to perform checks and solution keys, and a entire try out and resolution key.

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How many members are in the club? 32 members a. b. c. d. 50 members 46 members 12 members 58 4. lf John can drive 130 miles in 2 hours, how far can he drive in 5 hours if he travels at the same rate of speed? 325 miles 650 miles 52 miles 390 miles a. b. c. d. 5. lf 4 wait staff are required to serve 48 people at a banquet, how many wait staff are needed to serve 120 people? 2 wait staff a. b. c. d. 8 wait staff 10 wait staff '12 wait staff Solutions for Practice Problems 1. a 2. c g. The correct solution is Cross-multiply to get 4x=36.

2 -Z 4-+-=4-X-=-X-=-=-=- 7 46 get I U . Ordering fractions by size can often be useful in solving real-world problems. To determine whether one fraction is greater than another, find a common denominator for the fractions. The fraction with the largest numerator is the greater fraction. Example:Which is greater, 2839e8s2 1= lZ, 4=i. r, n, i, "o; t ;. The following describes another method of determining which of two fractions is greater. In the general case, tet d * 0. f anO f ne tne fractions to compare, where a, b, c, d are integers and b*0, Multiply to create a common denominator, which allows for the comparison of the numerators: aadcbc b= bd and 7= ad Example: bc bd wilh bd.

Divide the numerator and denominator by 6. :- rL- F -r ^, tO Eight is the GCF ol 24 and 80. Divide the numerator and denominatolby-b,\_ -5 _5x-1=-1=1 -25 6x-5 -5 5 Five is the GCF of -5 and -25. Divide the numerator and denominator by divided by a negative number is positive. So the answer is 5. A negative number g. A common denominator for two or more fractions is an integer that is divisible by each of the denominators. To add or subtract two fractions, you must have a common denominator. 0 *'' have unlike denominators.

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