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By Francoise Dastur

This quantity takes up Heidegger's inspiration of a "phenomenological chronology" in an try to pose the query of the potential of a phenomenological language that will take delivery of over to the "temporality of being" and the finitude of life. The ebook combines a dialogue of ways to language within the philosophical culture with readings of Husserl on temporality and the early and past due texts of Heidegger's on good judgment, fact and the character of language. in addition to Heidegger's "deconstruction" of good judgment and metaphysics Dastur's paintings is usually educated by way of Derrida's deconstruction of the metaphysics of presence and Nietzschean family tree. attractive a miles to Humboldt's philosophy of language as to Holderin's poetic inspiration, the publication illuminates the eminently dialectical constitution of speech and its crucial reference to mortality.

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6 The domination of tradition was added to the narrowness of ancient ontology, worsening the initial naivety by cut­ ting it off from its historical roots and reducing it to 38 Logic and Metaphysics pure and simple historiographical 'material'? 'Deconstruction', as Heidegger understands it, is composed of a double task: first of all 'to give back to the ossified tradition its suppleness' and 'to eliminate the successive layers with which it has been covered over time' and so to return to the 'original experiences' from which it sprang,8 but also, and this is the positive aspect of Destruktion, to make manifest its limits with respect to the Temporalitat (temporality) of being.

8o With this, the funda­ mental temporality of what German idealism thinks of under the terms 'positing' and 'synthesis' can be glimpsed. Now, this 'synthesis', to the extent that it comes to pass as language - that is to say, as speech . 85 The articulation of the voice (Stimme) in linguistic sound (Sprachlaut) thus embodies time, renders the interior exterior and the spiritual material. laY'tt1C1l (meaningful sound) itself However, this synthesis of the internal linguistic form and the phonetic element which so decisively allies language with an art93 is neither an existing quality nor a determined action, it is much rather 'an always transitory and instantaneous effective action' which does not reveal itself by any particular sign, not even words.

26 In both cases ontology and phenomenology are as one, with the difference, however, that with the far from Kantian notion of categorial intuition Husserl will be drawn to put radically in question the schema upon which the Critique ofPure Reason was still constructed, 23 Telling Time that of an opposition of form and matter, and to criticise, from his On the Phenomenology of the Consciousness of Internal Time of 1 905, the distinction between apprehension and content that still formed the theoretical framework of the Logical Investigations.

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