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6; re­ printed in P o l k o w s k i , Kopemikijana, II (Gniezno, 1873), 111— 119. *• Girolamo T i r a b o s c h i , Storia della letteratura italiana, V II (Milan, 1823), 589. *7 Ryszard G a n s i n i e c , "Rzymska profesura Kopernika” [Roman Professor­ ship of Copernicus], Kwartalnik (1957), 3: 480. * I&td. ** Allan K o s k o , "Erreurs et legends,” Etudes coperniciennes, I, ed. Stanislaw W^dkiewicz (1955— 1857), IS—16: 285. Kosko was obviously unaware that even a ’’philologue de profession” like Gansiniec can be guilty of misinterpreting an ambiguous I^atin expression.

Reuerendus Dominus loennea Rybkowicz, Collega M aior in Academia Cracotiiensi, pro suo in me artesque Mathematical amore, dedit mi hi perlegendas Reuerendissimi D. Tidemani Gisii Episcopi Varmien. epistolas, qua rum plurimae ad Copernicum absolutae subtilitatis Mathematicum sunt exaratae. L e g ! auide, unamque reperi plenam querknoniae, propter opus Reuolutionum, prima editione mala fid e pubticatum. Earn nunc Ivector accipe: alias Frueburgo reversus, si Deus vltam concesserit, dabo. Vale (see Plate V), In his Memoranda Brozek stated exactly when Giese was bishop of Chelmno and then later was elevated to the bishopric of Varmia.

No. 489. The fine corresponded to the royalty paid to the author of a Judicium. 71 Ibid,, no. 490. , IV (K rak6w 1900), 255: In 1491 . . in the supplement to the rights and privileges of the Jagellonian University, Cardinal Frederick gave the Rector Matthew of Kobylin permission to excommunicate disobedient members of the academic community (rebelles et tnobedientes) or impose other ecclesiastical censures on them---- In 1512 Bishop Jan Konarski went even further . . fo r he permitted the rectors to summon to their court .

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