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D ~ l ) o d s 0 t -t- ~ ~ B (Dh. . : (t, ~)). 3) in the sense of the i n t e g r a l identity. 1) and the fact that f o r , e H, the n o r m 113 (13p l . . D p m v ( t , x), t, x)IE m u l t i p l i e d by I~/(x)l is integrable o v e r R d, and hence f o r any e ~ E ~B (v, t) e = (~, B (v, t) e). D~",v, t, x), e)e~ (x) d x Rd ~ (~a B (D,, . . Dgrn v, t, x) ~ (x) d x , e)E. 3). 2. 3). 8) in which t h e r e a r e no b o u n d a r y conditions. 8) only t h r o u g h the 0 m e m b e r s h i p of v in the space w m ( G ) .

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