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By Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen

Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) was once one of many usa’ most unusual and profound thinkers, and a prolific author. Peirce’s online game theory-based techniques to the semantics and pragmatics of symptoms and language, to the speculation of conversation, and to the evolutionary emergence of symptoms, offer a toolkit for modern students and philosophers. Drawing on unpublished manuscripts, the e-book deals a wealthy, clean photograph of the achievements of a outstanding man.

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I do not deny that a concept, proposition, or argument may be a logical interpretant. I only insist that it cannot be the final logical interpretant, for the reason that it is itself a sign of that very kind that has itself a logical interpretant. The habit alone, which though it may be a sign in some other way, is not a sign in that way in which that sign of which it is the logical interpretant is the sign. The habit conjoined with the motive and the conditions has the action for its energetic interpretant; but action cannot be a logical interpretant, because it lacks generality.

A sign is an “implement of intercommunication” (MS 283: 106), a version of a medium of communication. In some places, he even describes it as a “determination of a quasi-mind” (MS 283: 131), which emphasises its abstract processual and effectual character in addition to communicative and dialogical aspects. Precisely what is meant by determination here was a considerable source of struggle for Peirce. He despaired of clarifying the notion of determination in the rest of that manuscript and elsewhere.

Furthermore, the following passage confirms that objects also need to be categorised according to similar principles. There are two kinds of objects, immediate and dynamic, even though there are three main classes of interpretants. I have already noted that a Sign has an Object and an Interpretant, the latter being that which the Sign produces in the Quasi-mind that is the Interpreter by determining the latter to a feeling, to an exertion, or to a Sign, which determination is the Interpretant. But it remains to point out that there are usually two Objects, and more than two Interpretants.

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