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By Carl Gustav Jung, Beatrice M. Hinkle

This e-book used to be initially released ahead of 1923, and represents a duplicate of an enormous old paintings, conserving an analogous layout because the unique paintings. whereas a few publishers have opted to observe OCR (optical personality acceptance) expertise to the method, we think this ends up in sub-optimal effects (frequent typographical blunders, unusual characters and complicated formatting) and doesn't competently protect the historic personality of the unique artifact. We think this paintings is culturally vital in its unique archival shape. whereas we try to accurately fresh and digitally increase the unique paintings, there are sometimes circumstances the place imperfections resembling blurred or lacking pages, negative photos or errant marks can have been brought as a result of both the standard of the unique paintings or the scanning procedure itself. regardless of those occasional imperfections, we've introduced it again into print as a part of our ongoing worldwide ebook protection dedication, supplying shoppers with entry to the absolute best old reprints. We take pleasure in your realizing of those occasional imperfections, and in actual fact desire you get pleasure from seeing the e-book in a structure as shut as attainable to that meant through the unique writer.

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And every word, when once it is written, is bandied about, alike among those who understand and those who have no interest in it, and it knows not to whom to speak or not to speak; when ill-treated or unjustly reviled it always needs its father to help it; for it has no power to protect or help itself. PHAEDRUS. 28 Although some Greek boys, and even a few girls, learned to read and write from tutors at home, the great majority learned at schools, which were spread about in towns as well as cities.

And now in the Brooklyn Museum, contains another hoard of detailed information about land, taxation, institutions, and people. Measurements of fields for nearly ninety miles south of Crocodilonopolis in the Fayum are given, together with tax assessments in amounts of grain. The taxes were to be paid by institutions owning the land or by the cultivators of the land listed as specific individuals. "2 Both the Harris and Wilbour Papyri are splendid examples of the full records maintained in pharaonic Egypt.

Written presentation, however, is ab- Papyrus Rolls 25 sent from the Palette of Narmer. "4 By the end of the Second Dynasty, four hundred years later, the hieroglyphic system was fully developed, at least for inscription or painting on stone. This same period saw hieratic script being derived and abbreviated from hieroglyphs for rapid cursive writing on papyrus. , an even more abbreviated hieratic script, called demotic, came into being. Used at first for official records and later for literary and religious writings, it further increased the speed of writing.

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