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By Professor Dr. Eberhard Schnepf, Dr. Werner Herth, Professor Dr. Gerhart Drews (auth.), Heinz Ellenberg, Karl Esser, Hermann Merxmüller, Eberhard Schnepf, Hubert Ziegler (eds.)

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Pyrenoids in Phaeophyceae is reviewed by DELEPINE et al. JEFFREY and VESK (2) demonstrate that blue-green light causes increase in chloroplast number, chlorophyll content and thylakoids in Stephanopyxis tums (Bacillariophyceae); in other diatoms, and Dino-, Crypto-, Prymnesio-, Chryso- and Chlorophyceae, similar changes occur in some species but not others (VESK and JEFFREY). - Chloroplasts of VaauoZaria viresaens (Chloromonadophyceae) have 3-thylakoid lamellae, a girdle lamella and plastid ER (HEYWOOD), supporting the suggestion that chloromonads are related to Xanthophyceae and other heterokont classes (Fortschr.

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