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By David Wallace

This ebook recovers areas showing within the psychological mapping of medieval and Renaissance writers, from Chaucer to Aphra Behn.

  • A hugely unique paintings, which recovers the areas that determine powerfully in premodern imagining.
  • Recreates locations that seem within the works of Langland, Chaucer, Dante, Petrarch, Spenser, Shakespeare, Aphra Behn, and so on.
  • Begins with Calais – peopled by way of the English from 1347 to 1558 and ends with Surinam – traded for big apple by way of the English in 1667.
  • Other specific destinations mentioned comprise Flanders, Somerset, Genoa, and the lucky Islands (Canary Islands).
  • Includes interesting anecdotes, akin to the tale of an English service provider studying love songs in Calais.
  • Provides insights into significant historic narratives, akin to race and slavery in Renaissance Europe.
  • Crosses the normal divide among the medieval and Renaissance classes.

Chapter One At Calais Gate (pages 22–90):
Chapter In Flaundres (pages 91–138):
Chapter 3 Dante in Somerset (pages 139–180):
Chapter 4 Genoa (pages 179–202):
Chapter 5 Canaries (The lucky Islands) (pages 203–238):
Chapter Six Surinam (pages 239–302):

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And yet, however much Hogarth revises or exaggerates differences and distances from the continental past in this painting, his original moment of inspiration (the painting’s chief subject, as all else flows from it) works in the opposite direction, as the past floods in to dominate the present. The painting’s punctum is undoubtedly the fourteenth-century coat of arms, seen beaming down to the artist along a shaft of light; all other details (the At Calais Gate 33 ecstatic nuns, the fat friar) might be read as gestures of appeasement, belatedly resisting this moment of collapsed time.

Numbers increased daily, we are told, “for the kynge graunted there suche lyberties and franchysses, that men were gladde to go and dwelle there” (I, p. 333; p. 649). At this moment of modular shift from romance to urban chronicle in Froissart and Berners, it is worth asking how their accounts square with the greater historical record. Within days of entering Calais, it seems, Edward had 40 At Calais Gate proclamations read in the north and east of England, promising liberties and commercial privileges to would-be Calais residents.

Edward, having returned to Westminster, is here upbraiding the military commander to whom he has entrusted his much-loved city. ”42 Having returned to London, Froissart and Berners tell us, Edward had indeed initiated his plan “repeupler le ville de Calais” (the phrase is repeated, p. 649): 36 prosperous English burghers are sent out with their wives and children, plus more than 400 others of lesser “estat” (p. 649). Numbers increased daily, we are told, “for the kynge graunted there suche lyberties and franchysses, that men were gladde to go and dwelle there” (I, p.

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