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By Colin L. Berry (auth.), Colin L. Berry MD, PhD, FRCPath (eds.)

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The relatively low incidence in the offspring of Jewish women born in Israel after their parents had migrated there from other Middle Eastern countries, whilst high rates were seen in the children of mothers who were themselves born elsewhere in the Middle East (Naggan 1971), supports the suggestion that both environmental and genetic influences may be important in pathogenesis. Leck suggests that the stability of the rates for Sikhs and Ashkenazim could also be of environmental origin. The low rates for blacks may also be related to maternal factors rather than fetal genes, since the rates for children of black fathers and European mothers may be as high as those for Europeans (Leck 1972).

The lungs should be checked for their lobar pattern, the hepatic and splenic situs determined and the rotation of the mesentary noted. Gastrointestinal System and Abdominal Cavity The next step should be to confirm the patency of the rectum and urethra before cutting through the former and removing the gut as far as the duodenum. This allows the liver to be pushed down in order to examine the hepatic veins and to look for aberrant trunks or caval anomalies. The biliary tract should be inspected before removing the liver.

7mo. 16mo. Ii 31 24mo. mo. 9mo. 18mo. 14mo. mo. 3 9 q It 2 31 2! mo. mo. 9 6 10-12yr. 9-11 yr. 6-7 yr. 7-8 yr. 9-12 yr. 10-12 yr. 6-7 yr. 7-8 yr. 10-12 yr. 9-11 yr. aAfter Logan and Kronfeld (1933). bData from Kraus and Jordan (1965). cVariation ranges of lateral incisors and canines from data by Nomata (1964). (Fetallength-to-age conversions were made; no values are available for late onset in mandibular, lateral incisors and canines since all values from Nomata's data are earlier than the mean values from Kraus and Jordan (1965).

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