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By R. M. Marston

Optoelectronics is likely one of the fastest-growing branches of contemporary electronics and contains a number of units, starting from easy mild bulbs and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to accomplish infra-red light-beam alarm and handheld remote control structures. This guide is a single-volume advisor

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Thus, the LM3914 is a linearly-scaled unit, specifically intended for use in LED voltmeter applications in which the number of illuminated LEDs gives a direct indication of the value of input volts. The LM3915, on the other hand, has a log-scaled output designed to span 0 to — 27 dB in ten — 3 dB steps, and is specifically designed for use in power meter applications, etc. Finally, the LM3916 has a semi-log scale, and is specifically designed for use in VU meter applications. 2 V // tt> °u> 1 k( OV/7777 53 1 k0| £> '// 7 LED.

7 for approximately the same flash rate. 21 Fast IV5 blinker. 2 mA Hz) and the duty cycle to decrease and the mean current consumption to rise. 2 mA of current drain. 22; the rate is variable from zero to 20 Hz via the 2k7 pot. The two external 6SR resistors are used to stabilize the duty cycle of the circuit and maintain a fairly steady apparent brilliance level as the rate is varied. 5 V cell. The circuit in fact acts as a 1 kHz square wave generator, the two external 68Λ resistors being used to approximately equalize the ON and OFF times of the generator.

The IC houses five sets of Schmitt voltage-comparator/transistorswitches, each of which has its threshold switching or step voltage individually determined by a tapping point on the Ri to R6 divider, which is powered from a built-in voltage regulator; the input of each comparator is connected to the pin 7 input terminal of the IC. 3. The basic circuit action is such that groups of LEDs are turned on or off by LED graph circuits 47 activating individual switching transistors within the IC. Thus, if Q 3 is turned on it sinks the 20 mA constant-current via LED!

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