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Do not kink the duct, which would restrict air flow. Be aware of flue pipes so that you do not let the ducts come too close to the heated surfaces. Practical Energy Cost Reduction For The Home 27 The ductwork in this picture is suspended from the roof rafters, which is the hottest place in the house! Eliminate the Oven The next step is to reduce the attic air temperature. Perfection would be to have the attic air temperature no hotter than the outdoor air temperature. Reality for an existing house, is an attic no hotter than 5-10 degrees above outdoor air.

Practical Energy Cost Reduction For The Home 39 SHADE Shade Is Nature’s Gift To Air Conditioning It can cut your cooling bill in half, but most homes do not have a full canopy of natural shade, hence the in-depth chapter on attic cooling. By following the attic instructions, you will have turned a costly heat mass into shade for the house. Here are some more key areas where shade will reduce your cooling costs. (a) East and west facing windows. When mentioning shading windows, most people think first of the southern exposure glass.

Usually there are excessive openings where power lines pass through for A/C condensers, cable and telephone lines, water pipes for spigots, A/C refrigerant lines, gas lines and exhaust blowers. A good expanding foam will close these air sources. Notice the large hole behind the electrical junction box in the picture to the right; access for rodents, water and air. (e) Down draft vents from cook tops. The powerful fans needed for down draft exhaust systems usually require a 6 or 8 inch metal duct that exits the house wall through a large hooded vent.

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