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By Reginald A. Ray

Indestructible fact is among the such a lot thorough introductions to the Tibetan Buddhist international view ever released; while it's also essentially the most obtainable. the writer provides complicated and complicated teachings and practices in nontechnical language, utilizing attractive tales and private anecdotes to demonstrate his issues. Indestructible fact offers Tibetan Buddhism in its conventional shape but in addition indicates how the Tibetan traditions are acceptable to the issues and demanding situations of recent existence within the West.

In Indestructible fact, Tibetan Buddhism is brought now not as an unique faith, yet relatively as an expression of human spirituality that's having a profound effect at the sleek international. additionally, it provides the viewpoint of meditation and the perform of the religious existence, paying exact awareness to contemplative perform and meditation as taught within the Kagyu and Nyingma faculties.

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On the upper slopes o f M ount Meru and extending upward are the jealous god realm and the realm of the gods, also divided into several levels. ” However, our own M ount Meru, with the four continents and the six realms, is but one of trillions, indeed an infinite num ber of such worlds that exist. T he exis­ tence of worlds, each inhabited by sentient beings, thus extends on and on throughout space, with no end. T he life span of the worlds is called a great \alpa and is divided into four. In the kalpa o f creation, the worlds come into being; in the kalpa o f duration, they have their life and support sentient beings; in the kalpa o f dissolution, they are de­ stroyed in a final conflagration; and in the final kalpa, there is nothing but empty space.

7 Knowledge of other realms is sometimes obtained while one is in one’s body in a relatively normal state. Consider the following account by James George, whose comments on Shambhala were quoted above. One day George and his wife were visiting with the young Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. George describes the meeting as follows: 32 The Cosmos and Its I n h a b i t a n t s Ironically, I feel that I came the closest to encountering Shambhala while sitting in the study of Canada House in N ew Delhi one evening in 1968.

6 he S acred E n v i r o n m e n t Mahakpla, one o f the most important dharmapalas, or guardians o f the teachings. various meditative trances, may encounter one or another o f them in the course of their practice. 3. The gods o f this human world, including local deities o f mountains, lal^es, and other geographical features as well as those who inhabit structures 38 T h e C o s mo s a n d I t s I n h a b i t a n t s such as houses. T h e lu or nagas, for example, live under the earth in springs, rivers, lakes, and wells and preside over that part of the un der­ world.

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