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You're a Man, That's Your Job. In the first chapter of this book I am going to present to you MY beliefs. I adopted these beliefs during my time of development, and they have served me very well. Perhaps they will do the same for you. In these beliefs, I am presenting more than just "what to think", I am presenting "HOW to think". As you continue to read the rest of this book, just keep in mind that my writings are all based on the base philosophies that I make efforts to live by. on a daily basis.

What you envision for the future it understands that is ALSO happening right now too. Understands that there are some facts that are true, and some that are false. It is analytical. Can tell the difference between positive and negative language and influences. When faced with a question, it can choose what questions it answers and which ones it ignores. Is not analytical. Therefore everythingincluding impossible facts, are ALL TRUE Makes no distinction between positive and negative languages and influences.

To Ask these questions to yourself often and out loud, especially in front of the mirror. Both your conscious mind, and your subconscious will thank you. How does this relate to being a man Many of the writing exercises that you are going to do in this book are all about you taping into your SUBCONSCIOUS and communicating it through your conscious talk. © Frank B. com 44 For example: when coming up with a list of your symbols you may not even be consciously aware as to what your symbols are, or even why.

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