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By Michael Swan, Catherine Walter

This booklet makes grammar perform attention-grabbing through providing ideas which are effortless to appreciate and be mindful, with routines that entertain as they educate.

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Eum. 238 f. 77γ>όί|| άλλοισιν οΐκοις, S o p h . Ant. 1 7 1 f. παίσαντές τε καί\\ πληγέντες. Sophocles twice puts a postpositive at the beginning of a line, as 0 Τ 1084 f. ουκ άν έξέλθοιμ' έτι || ποτ' άλλος. He and the comedians also admit elision over the line-break, provided that both the final position of the one line and the first of the other are occupied by long syllables; the word elided is usually δ', τ', or μ , but once ταΰτ' (OT 332). Elision at the caesura is quite common. Postpositives may be placed immediately after the caesura, as A.

T h e conditions are similar to those described for the trimeter. In drama a double short is occasionally admitted in the short or anceps position of the first three metra, provided that the syllables scanning w w - belong to the same word; but in tragedy this only happens to accommodate a name, as Ε. IA 882 εις άρ' Ε. Ίφιγένειαν THE IAMBIC 'Ελένης | νόστος T E T R A M E T E R ην πεπρωμένος; C A T A L E C T I C This cheerful metre was used by Hipponax and is common in comedy, especially Old Comedy, where it is mainly used for entries and exits of the chorus and in contest scenes.

After which the whole sequence was repeated as many times as the poet wished. Alcman A l c m a n uses a variety of dactylic units: ( x ) - w w - w w - ( - ) ; ( x ) - w w - w w - w w - (Ζ) 2 , χ D2); tetrameters acatalectic or catalectic; hexameters. A p a r t from dactyls, the commonest cola seen in the fragments are trochaic and iambic dimeters; there are also ionics, hipponacteans, pherecrateans, and some other things to be mentioned later. Here is a strophe from his L o u v r e Partheneion, PMG 1 .

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