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Full details are available at www. org. The association between EQ-5D scores to current mood state in bipolar disorder was examined in 221 bipolar disorder patients from across the UK, of whom 51 were currently in a depressive episode and 21 in a hypomania/mania/mixed episode [14]. Scores on the ED-5Q were significantly, albeit moderately, correlated with scores on the Longitudinal Interval Follow-up Evaluation, the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, and the Beck Depression Inventory [14]. 41, respectively [14].

Months ............ year Duration: ......... weeks Duration: ......... weeks ........... days (4 hours/day) per week .......... days (4 hours/day) per week Be sure to use additional pages if there are more than two episodes 56 Guide to Assessment Scales in Bipolar Disorder 5. Grandiosity Increased self-esteem and appraisal of his worth, power or knowledge (up to grandiose delusions) as compared with usual level. Persecutory delusions should not be considered evidence of grandiosity unless the subject feels the persecution is due to some special attributes of his (eg, power, knowledge).

Do not rate positive if mild elation is reported in situations like Christmas gifts, birthdays, amusement parks, which normally overstimulate and make children very excited. Have (there been times when) you felt very good or too cheerful or high or terrific, great, or just not your normal self? If unclear When you felt on top of the world or as if there was nothing you couldn't do? that this is the best of all possible worlds? Have you felt that everything would work out just the way you wanted?

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