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The accumulated Works of Dusum Khyenpa, the 1st Karmapa, comprises approximately 4 volumes of texts. it's very infrequent, nearly non-existent. We controlled to acquire a duplicate and reserve it from extinction. (You should buy a replica from us at our digital texts on the market; to the easiest of our wisdom it's the purely position from which it may be obtained). a lot of Dusum Khyenpa's accumulated Works are taken up with whole units of teachings at the a number of yidams of the Kagyu lineage that he obtained and practised. even though, there's a small part containing 8 dohas (spontaneous songs of religious cognizance) sung by way of Dusum Khyenpa. there's additionally a brief textual content that offers the transmission of a particular Mahamudra educating known as "Mahamudra, the Thunderbolt". We translated seven of the 8 dohas and the Mahamudra instructing and placed them jointly right into a small ebook, for the sake of the numerous fans of the Karmapa and the Kagyu teachings often. As an issue of curiosity, we have been surprised to discover a textual content in Dusum Khyenpa's accumulated Works that offers particular information of the way to do the perform referred to as "Dead Entry", a convention which was once supposedly eradicated from the Kagyu transmission end result of the risks concerned. it is usually acknowledged that the educating disappeared with Marpa the Translator yet this access within the accrued Works indicates that it relatively was once transmitted on in the course of the lineage.

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The geshe from central Tibet, as with so many geshes, apparently was just stuck in concept. In those times, geshe was synonymous with Kadampa expert. Milarepa often criticised the Kadampas in this way. His main disciple Gampopa, who started out as a Kadampa expert but who gained real attainment after practising with Milarepa did, too. Dusum Khyenpa's style reflects that of his teachers. 26. The innate is the essence of mind. It is a name for buddha mind when the practitioner is still on the path.

I'm a person on the peak where there are no further births so Shouldn't I pass through the levels and paths in one life? I'm a person of primordial spontaneous-existence so Shouldn't I be free of cause and condition9 ? I'm a person of the Middle Way between both existence and non-existence so Shouldn't I be beyond rational mind? I'm a person who comes from equipoise and postattainment merged so Shouldn't I have stability of the practice of mind 10? I'm a person for whom conduct is the sixfold group let loose 11 so Shouldn't conceptual tokens be dealt with as one's own mind liberated 12 ?

When these two terms are used, it alerts you immediately to the fact that a Mind Only style of presentation is being discussed and it should bring the whole flavour of Mind Only along with it. This pair of terms pervades Mind Only, Madhyamaka, and tantric writings and is exceptionally important in all of them. The solidified duality of grasped and grasper is nothing but an invention of dualistic thought. It has that kind of character or characteristic. GLOSSARY 47 Note that you could substitute the word "apprehended" for "grasped" and "apprehender" for "grasper" or "grasping" and that would reflect one connotation of the original Indian terminology.

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