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This publication presents an creation to discrete dynamical platforms -- a framework of research accepted within the fields of biology, demography, ecology, economics, engineering, finance, and physics. The publication characterizes the basic components that govern the qualitative and quantitative trajectories of numerous deterministic, discrete dynamical platforms, offering answer equipment for structures that may be solved analytically and strategies of qualitative research for structures that don't enable or necessitate an specific answer. The research focuses before everything at the characterization of the criteria the govern the evolution of nation variables within the straightforward context of one-dimensional, first-order, linear, self sufficient platforms. the elemental insights in regards to the forces that have an effect on the evolution of those common platforms are for that reason generalized, and the determinants of the trajectory of multi-dimensional, nonlinear, higher-order, non-autonomous dynamical structures are established.

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8), or as can be derived directly by the method of iterations, the evolution of the vector of state variables is governed by xt = At x0 . 4, there exists no interdependence between the different state variables. The matrix At is also a diagonal matrix, and the evolution of each of the state variables can be analyzed separately according to the method developed for the unidimensional case in Sect. 1. A more general form of the matrix A, which implies interdependence across the state variables, would require, however, the construction of a timeindependent transformation of the system of interdependent state variables, xt , into a new dynamical system of independent state variables.

AB + B. The value of the vector of state variables in period t is therefore t−1 xt = At x0 + Ai B. 4) i=0 It depends on the sum of a geometric series of matrices (rather than of scalars in the one-dimensional case). 1. The sum of a geometric series of matrices, whose factor is the matrix A, is t−1 Ai = [I − At ][I − A]−1 t−1 i i=0 A , |I − A| = 0. if i=0 Proof. +At ] = I −At . 5) Hence, post-multiplication of both sides of the equation by the matrix [I − A]−1 establishes the lemma, noting that [I − A]−1 exists if and only if |I − A| = 0.

68) ⎩ <0 if x2t < −2x1t . Consequently, as depicted in Fig. e. e. for pairs of (x1t , x2t ) such that x2t < −2x1t ), the arrows that depict the motion of x2t are directed downward. Remark. The motion of state variables in discrete dynamical systems could not be inferred from the arrows of motion relative to the steadystate loci unless the nature of the eigenvalues that characterize the matrix of coefficients of the vector of state variables is verified. In particular, if both eigenvalues are real and positive, each state variable converges or diverges monotonically and the arrows of motion properly describe the motion of the state variables.

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