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By Richard Roeper

You recognize what is particularly occurring, do not you? Flight ninety three secretly landed in Cleveland, the place the passengers have been whisked off to a NASA facility. Nostradamus estimated JFK Jr.'s airplane crash, which used to be engineered via the only global executive. on-line poker websites are rigged to knock out the quick stacks. Donald Rumsfeld was once at the back of the fowl flu panic.  That's what it truly is wish to stay contained in the brain of the 21st-century conspiracy theorist, who believes that every one you might want to do is examine the symptoms and you can see what is particularly occurring. And hundreds of thousands if now not hundreds of thousands of individuals really think this can be the best way the realm works. Debunked! is a breezy yet fact-filled dissection of greater than dozen of the preferred city legends and conspiracy theories of the twenty first century. As he did in city Legends and Hollywood city Legends, and as he has performed in dozens of columns for the Chicago Sun-Times over the past decade and a part, Richard Roeper lays out the fundamentals of every conspiracy thought, prices a number of the actual believers—and then tears the idea aside together with his naked hands. This e-book offers you worthy ammunition for the subsequent time you speak with somebody from that different, shadow world—that position the place mystery tribunals pull the strings and impact the result of every little thing from terrorist assaults to specialist sporting activities.

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The inquiry found that the driver was intoxicated and traveling at dangerous speeds when he lost control of a powerful car with which he was not familiar. ” • A two-year investigation conducted by the French, with more than 30 detectives interviewing some 300 witnesses, yielded a 6,000-page report. The finding: it was an accident. ᨠ Yes, I’m aware of the letter Diana wrote to her brother expressing fears that she might be done in via a suspicious car accident. ” Diana was a troubled soul. She once made the unsubstantiated claim that someone had tried to take a shot at her in London.

He had a presidential-sized security contingent and a pool of reporters assigned to cover him—even on his days off. The idea that the governor of Texas, who was the clear front-runner for his party’s nomination for president, could fall off the radar for hours, let alone days, is just silly. But not as silly as the DVD’s assertion that Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers were in a boat off Martha’s Vineyard on the night of the crash, orchestrating Kennedy’s assassination.

There are reports of people being robbed and raped. Shots have been fired at police officers. ” In a story that was picked up by hundreds of news outlets across the world, the Associated Press reported that in the early morning hours of September 1, shots had been fired at a military helicopter and that evacuation proceedings had been halted because of the gunfire. “LOST CITY” was the headline in the Chicago Sun-Times that accompanied an AP wire story. ” New Orleans police chief Eddie Compass was quoted as saying, “We have individuals who are getting raped; we have individuals who are getting beaten.

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