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By Galina Krasskova

Within the Northern culture, the solar is represented by way of the Goddess Sunna, and the Moon by way of her divine brother Mani. they provide their names to 2 of the times of the week, and their rays shine down upon us, giving existence and proposal. This devotional is devoted to them, and to their kin. they're greater than mere personifications; they bring about pleasure and peace to each day of our lives. We observed them first within the sky as young ones, and now we will comprehend and reverence them much more absolutely with the aid of this ebook.

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Change me, bless me, open me, Wash me clean of all pettiness and dreck. Sweet salmon of knowledge, Slippery, sly, and cunning, God of deceit and speaker of the most terrible truths. Make me mutable too so that I might be Whatever You need me to be, In the act of loving You. I hail You this night, oh Loki. * This prayer is by Mordant Carnival, and was first published in “Be Thou My Hearth and Shield” by Elizabeth Vongvisith, Asphodel Press, 2009. ) You who blessed us with breath, Who wove the mighty magic of our breathcords, Strong as wyrd, implacable as fire, I hail You.

May I partake of some small measure Of the strength and vitality You bring. May I awake from my night’s rest ready to work, To serve, to play, to rejoice. May I await Your coming with the dawn joyously And with an open heart. Hail, Mighty Sunna. Prayer to Hoenir (Anoint head with oil. ) Brother of wind and fire I hail You. DAY STAR AND WHIRLING WHEEL 47 God of wisdom and silence, I honor You this night. Please help me to keep my mind and heart Always centered on my Gods. Please help me to keep my desires focused On what would please Them the most.

If you are able to stand where you can see the moon, it is best to do so and to do this ritual in Mani’s light. But if not, don’t worry. Begin by reaching your arms up as if to embrace the moon. (This makes the rune Algiz, which is incidental. ) Take a few moments to breathe Him in, to feel His light, His presence, His power filling you and wrapping itself around you. Allow yourself to physically embody and express your devotion to Mani. Light a candle and say the following prayer: Mani, I ask Your blessings upon me tonight.

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