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By Eberhard Altenähr (auth.), H.-W. Altmann, K. Benirschke, A. Bohle, K. M. Brinkhous, P. Cohrs, H. Cottier, M. Eder, P. Gedigk, W. Giese, Chr. Hedinger, S. Iijima, W. H. Kirsten, I. Klatzo, K. Lennert, H. Meessen, W. Sandritter, G. Seifert, H. C. Stoerk, H.

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As in normal and hyperplastic PTG, many authors also describe occasional cilia in adenoma cells. The arrangement of their filaments is of the (9 0) type. They mostly lie within the cells and rarely extend above the cell surface. They are, however, mostly surrounded by an invaginated plasmalemma and therefore do protrude into the extracellular space. Real intracellular cilia are assumed to be present in adenomas only (POLYZONIS, 1970). The finding of an increased number of cilia in adenomas as compared to normal PTG (POLYZONIS, 1970) cannot be generaliz,ed.

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