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Be will on the eve of Judgment. Perhaps, of all the myths middle ages, none is have been considering so calculated to arrest more ; which originated striking than indeed, there the attention is in the that we something and to excite the imagination in the outline of the story, that * Kuhn u. Schwarz Nordd. Sagen, p. 499. it The Wandering remarkable that is As human introduction first general acceptance in the sixteenth century. myth, a its of by Alatthew Paris and Philip Mouskes, into EurojDe its 27 should find an interval elapse between three centuries and we yevj.

Ken-Khan, \vhom I at met on a brother, a them more they were not the story got about that there was a great King John. lives Mangu- Christians, simply because they treated Christians well, and showed I Nayman. be king, and called him King Johannes, and related of him ten times The called who However, knew anything In his pastures whose court was Brother Andrew, my way back. This Johannes had famous shepherd, named Unc, who lived 4 Pr ester John. " This Unk-Khan was a life in real individual man, and follower of Kor-Khan, identifies will now 1218.

Fall " Our land streams with honey, and is overflow- In one region grows no poisonous ing w'ith milk. herb, nor does a querulous frog ever quack in no scorpion amongst the exist in " it, the province the entire its River arms in its Here are found topazes, and other costly him from business and the name us, all kinds it ; emeralds, chrysolites, stones. onyxes, Here grows when worn by any the evil spirit, forcing keep out of the way ject to ; encircling Paradise, manifold windings through the the plant Assidos, which, protects glide through a certain flows Indus carbuncles, beryls, sardius, serpent the any one.

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