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By Robert J. Matthys

A brand new harmonic oscillator circuit (which is the simplest in its classification) and a brand new bridge oscillator circuit were extra to this variation; either circuits are of exceptional functionality. This functional treatise additionally locations every kind of oscillator circuits in a standard framework to provide an explanation for their layout and learn their functionality. genuine operating circuits are given for all of the simple varieties, and comparisons are made among them. the complete frequency diversity is roofed, from 1 kHz to a hundred mHz.

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The Colpitts can also be used as a harmonic multiplier and a harmonic oscillator, as shown in Figs. 7d. In Fig. 7c, an LC tank tuned COLPITE I i I 37 to the desired harmonic is placed in the collector circuit, where it is isolated and has very little effect on what happens to the crystal at the transistor base. The crystal runs at its fundamental frequency, and the collector’s L,C3 tank at a harmonic. The transistor conducts during only a short interval in each cycle (about S-15% of the cycle period) at the crystal’s fundamental frequency, which gives a short, sharp pulse of excitation once per fundamental cycle to the harmonically tuned tank in the collector circuit.

This is done by reducing the value of Rz to one-half (or one-fourth or one-eighth) ofR,. Doing this has three advantages. First, R3 is reduced proportionately with R2 to maintain bridge balance. This lowers the crystal’s load resistance, which consists mostly of Ra, and improves short-term frequency stability. Second, all frequencies away from resonance pass through R, and the collector of Q3 rather than through the crystal. Reducing R2 with respect to R, reduces loop gain at all frequencies away from resonance without affecting loop gain at resonance.

Mance. Many of these circuits have a limited frequency range, due to the wide variation in load and source resistances that a crystal needs to see over the wide frequency range of 1 kHz-200 MHz. 5 shows two circuits not covered in detail because they have little to offer. The first is the transformer-coupled circuit in Fig. 5~. The transformer provides a 180” phase reversal and allows series-resonant operation with one transistor instead of two. This had some value in the I OVERVIEW AND CIRCUIT SURVEY 27 =Fi 0 .

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