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By P Dabnichki; A Baca; C A Brebbia

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The frame rate is the number of images drawn each second. Movies have a frame rate of 24, television almost 30. The reason that movies look better than television is that the resolution and quantization are better; resolution is the number of discrete picture elements (or pixels) being displayed, and quantization is the number of colours or grey levels that can be displayed. All of these factors combine to defi ne the complexity of the image. 9 gigabytes (thousand million bytes) sent to the screen each second.

Even the size of bumps can be detected. These data are used for many control tasks, including grasping and catching. indd 17 1/29/2008 3:50:51 PM 18 COMPUTERS IN SPORT As a general rule, the two aspects of haptics are implemented in different ways. Impacts and return pressure are usually imparted by a motor or solenoid. These can be small, and placed in multiple locations in clothing, tools and manipulators. Generally, texture is more difficult to create than force, and the required devices are complex.

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