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By Franklin B. Saksena

Content material:
Chapter 1 normal Observations (pages 1–8):
Chapter 2 Face (pages 9–39):
Chapter three Ear (pages 40–41):
Chapter four Mouth and nostril (pages 42–47):
Chapter five Neck (pages 48–49):
Chapter 6 Hand (pages 50–68):
Chapter 7 top Extremity (pages 69–72):
Chapter eight Thorax again (pages 73–82):
Chapter nine stomach (pages 83–87):
Chapter 10 reduce Extremity (pages 88–97):

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Reprinted with permission from Elsevier. Copyright 1997) (Reference*: Wynne-Davis R. Acetabular dysplasia and familial joint laxity: two etiologic factors in congenital dislocation of the hip. A review of 589 patients and their families. ) Figure 96 Ehlers–Danlos syndrome: the skin is hyperextensible. The “India rubber man” of circus fame had hyperextensible joints and skin. (Reprinted with permission from Elsevier. Copyright 1997) Figure 97 Rheumatoid arthritis of hands: same patient as in Figure 48.

The Holt–Oram syndrome consists of an extra phalanx in the thumb (fingerized thumb) (Figure 100), or absence of the thumb and is associated with a secundum ASD [148–151]. An extra digit (Figure 101) is seen in secundum ASD, Ellis–van Crevard syndrome [103], and Laurence–Moon–Biedl syndrome [103]. A radially curved fifth finger is seen in Hurler’s syndrome (multivalvular involvement, cardiomyopathy, CAD) [103]. Absence of the fifth middle phalanges, hypoplastic proximal, and distal fifth phalanges are seen in the Char syndrome (persistent ductus arteriosus, facial dysmorphism) [152] (Figure 102).

Copyright 2006) Figure 32 Temporal arteritis: the superficial temporal artery is prominent, thickened, painful, and associated with visual impairment in the right eye. (Reprinted with permission from Elsevier. Copyright 1997) Face 21 Figure 33 Myxedema: elderly woman who had stopped her thyroid medication for about 1 year. She had coarse hair, dry skin, and a pasty colored face. Figure 34 Myxedema: the patient had periorbital puffiness almost closing his eyes, which has disappeared since thyroxine therapy (pericardial effusion).

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