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John Styers chilly metal: means of shut CombatБиблия рукопашного боя пехотинца. Рукопашный бой с ножом, палкой, безоружный бой, метание ножей. Простые и эффективные приемы.

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7. The CUTTING EDGE of the blade should be facing DOWN and to the RIGHT in an unstrained, natural position. 8. YOUR WRIST IS LOCKED. 9. Keep the upper part of the body ERECT at all times. This is the proper SABRE STANCE. Notice how easily you are able to advance and withdraw-forward and backward. Movement to the left or right is more difficult. In practice, a knife, bayonet or stick may represent the sabre. To assume the knife duelist stance from the sabre stance 1. Assume that there is a STRAIGHT LINE between you and your opponent.

5. His back, below the shoulder blades. Thrust the knife INBOARD, toward the center of his body. Work your knife handle back and forth; this will do far more damage than a single thrust. In any portion of the back, chest, stomach or throat area PUMP THE HANDLE OF YOUR KNIFE. com). Please register to remove this message. com). Please register to remove this message. 3/6/2008 COLD STEEL Page 56 of 136 Attempt a straight thrust for your opponent's head or throat Passata sotto, an alternative for out-of-line.

You have won part of the mental duel. com). Please register to remove this message. 3/6/2008 COLD STEEL Page 51 of 136 physical bout has just begun. SIZE UP YOUR OPPONENT. You will be able to judge the EFFECTIVE RANGE of your opponent immediately by the way he holds his blade and the stance he takes. If your opponent has his blade in his RIGHT hand and has his LEFT foot forward, he will telegraph his attack with a body movement, even if he holds the blade in the sabre manner. If he holds the blade in the OVERHAND or UNDERHAND position, or in any position other than that of a sabre, he will definitely LIMIT the effectiveness of his RANGE.

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