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Training the Princeton Offense is a book/DVD package deal that covers every thing a trainer would have to understand for you to enforce this offense along with his group. The Princeton offense teaches basketball gamers easy methods to play opposed to any man-to-man protection. This offense is hard to scout and is especially positive to highschool groups who may perhaps lack a step of quickness or an inch of peak opposed to their rivals. This book/DVD package deal takes a glance at this refined offensive scheme and breaks it down in a masterful manner by utilizing basic terminology and well-thought-out court docket diagrams.

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Jim Burson, we had to defend what was known back then as the Princeton offensive system. When only having two days to prepare for a game in which a team runs this offense as well as Muskingum College executed it, it makes life very difficult for coaches and for the players who are trying pick up on the screens, cuts, and movements of the offense in order to defend it properly. With defending it in practice and in game situations, our team found out how truly difficult this offense is to defend.

This weakside screen and flare cut is very difficult to defend because weakside defenders are taught to jump toward the pass and sink toward the basket. So if the defenders are playing correct man-to-man technique, they are sliding into a position most favored by the attackers. This quick striking weakside flare screening action will take the defense completely off guard. The weakside guard will get a wide-open attempt at a three-point shot. Diagram 4-21 Diagram 4-22 If the defense covers these options, the perimeter player with the basketball can then signal the post man back up to a side post position with a pull back dribble.

The player at the side post elbow will be used to set ball screens and flare screens at the top of the key to get the perimeter players open for straight line dribble drives at the basket or for open three-point opportunities. Diagram 3-1 Coaches should teach the side phase the majority of the time. The side post phase is used the most within the course of a game. It is also the phase utilized if the offensive players get into a state of confusion. From the side post phase, players are able to easily transition back into the flow of the offense.

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