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Most people change the states from yin to yang as they do this movement thus losing the effectiveness of this movement as you have already wasted the yin and yang Qi. Only as you being to move your weight forward should you begin to change the state of your palms. The right palm will change to yin while the left will change to yang thus making for a most powerful internal attacking movement. You exhale as you do this. See photo No. 36 above. Sit Back Ready: (Photo No. 38) Brush gently the top of your right palm with your left palm as you push your weight a little further forward.

The head does not deviate left or right, the eyes do the looking for you), and leave your eyes to the front. In effect, you have turned your eyes to look out of the corner of the eyes without actually moving your eyes; you have moved your head around your eyes. Then, as you move your head and body back to the front, and leave your eyes as they were, the head will again catch up to where the eyes were looking. This is all part of Taijiquan’s way of toning up the hypothalamus part of the brain, a little pea sized thing in behind the eyes on both side that control many areas of body movement etc.

It is difficult to try to express this phenomenon in writing so I will also put out a videotape on this subject, as it is much easier to express physically. Balancing the feet and hands. Photo number 23 The balancing begins at the very first movement. Eventually, everything you do will be in a state of balance both externally and internally. This will in turn lead to an increase of your total power, also both internally and externally. You will have power that is more physical as well as a more subtle and greater power that comes from within.

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