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By Jamgon Kongtrul

This booklet opens how one can a deeper wisdom of mahamudra, a Buddhist method of meditation at the nature of the brain. In supplying an in depth remark at the Vajra track of the 1st Jamgön Kongtrül (1813–1899), the writer elucidates the phases of floor, course, and fruition in case you desire to meditate in accordance with the program.

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It is not an object, not a thing, it is devoid of characteristics, and there is nothing that this nature does not pervade. The entire external world-all phenomena, all experiences-is pervaded by this true nature, in the same way as space is allpervading. While on a relative plane samsara and nirvana appear to be separate from each other, ultimately, they are nondual in suchness. This is the true nature of mind, which is buddha-nature, ultimate truth, ultimate bodhichitta. These are only concepts related to ground mahamudra, the basic nature of all phenomena.

It is unobscured, transparent wisdom, The luminous dharmakaya, sugatagarbha, Primordially pure and spontaneous. It cannot be shown through analogy by anyone, And it cannot be expressed in words. It is the dharmadhatu, which overwhelms mind's inspection. Although one cannot point to mind and say it is this or that, mind pervades all of samsara and nirvana. Buddhanature, the nature of mind, is undefiled by obscurations, like a completely pure and clear crystal, transparent and shining. Like the glow of a lamp which lights up its surroundings, insight and self-luminosity of mind are in themselves enlightenment, without the need to add anything.

In other words, since one does not recognize the attribute of mind, which is luminosity, one experiences its confused aspect, cloudy mind. And since one does not understand the manifestation of mind, which is complete unobstructedness, one experiences its confused aspect, which are the different types of sense consciousnesses. Thus, the difference is exclusively a matter of recognizing versus not recognizing. By not recognizing one experiences the alaya-vijfiana, cloudy mind, and the sense consciousnesses; however, these are actually the trikaya, whose nature is empty, whose attribute is luminosity, and whose manifestation is unobstructedness.

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