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By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Inside we all lies a resource of endless bliss and compassion for others. The unique tools defined inside of Tantric Buddhism let us to find this bliss for ourselves. The modern Tantric grasp, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, explains step by step how we will be able to generate a deeply peaceable and targeted brain by way of harnessing the delicate strength process inside our personal physique. With this happy know-how we will be able to discover our precise nature, smash lack of know-how and agony at its root, and speedily turn into a resource of notion and profit for others.

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Advanced meditators who have accomplished the union of spontaneous great bliss and clear light emptiness do not need to put effort into performing physical prostrations or other external practices because, as explained in the Tantric scriptures, merely by meditating on the union of bliss and emptiness they can complete the necessary collections for the attainment of full enlightenment. Such great meditators, therefore, simply request the blessings of their root and lineage Gurus and then proceed with their completion stage practices.

At each of these places, except at the heart level, there is one twofold knot formed by a single coil of the right channel and a single coil of the left. As the right and left channels ascend to these places they coil around the central channel by crossing in front and then looping around it. They then continue upward to the level of the next knot. At the heart level the same thing happens, except that here there is a sixfold knot formed by three overlapping loops of each of the flanking channels.

The practice of inner fire was first taught by Conqueror Vajradhara in the Hevajra Root Tantra. From there it was incorporated into other practices such as those of Yamantaka, Guhyasamaja, Heruka, and Vajrayogini. Thus all Tantric meditators look upon the Hevajra Tantra as an especially blessed scripture. Because the inner fire practices come directly from Vajradhara they are practised within all Tibetan Buddhist traditions. As the first Panchen Lama stated in his auto-commentary to the root text of the Mahamudra: If we can bring the winds into the central channel through the force of habits formed in previous lives, this is very good; otherwise we should perform the yoga of inner fire as explained in the Six Yogas of Naropa.

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