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By George A. Kennedy

Due to the fact that its unique book by way of UNC Press in 1980, this ebook has supplied millions of scholars with a concise advent and consultant to the heritage of the classical culture in rhetoric, the traditional yet ever very important artwork of persuasion.
Now, George Kennedy deals a completely revised and up to date version of Classical Rhetoric and Its Christian and Secular Tradition. From its improvement in historic Greece and Rome, via its continuation and variation in Europe and the United States during the center a while and Renaissance, to its enduring value within the 20th century, he lines the speculation and perform of classical rhetoric via background. At each one level of how, he demonstrates how new societies transformed classical rhetoric to slot their needs.
For this version, Kennedy has up to date the textual content and the bibliography to include new scholarship; additional sections with regards to ladies orators and rhetoricians all through background; and enlarged the dialogue of rhetoric in the USA, Germany, and Spain. He has additionally incorporated additional information approximately old and highbrow contexts to help the reader in figuring out the culture of classical rhetoric.

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A few pages later in the Phaedrus (273a–c) Socrates says that by eikos Tisias meant that which ‘‘seems’’ true to the multitude, and he quotes the following example: If a weak and brave man, having beaten up a strong and cowardly man, is brought into court, neither must tell the truth. ’’ (273b4–c1). There is thus the possibility of using probabilities on either side of the case. Far from discrediting the technique as immoral, this adaptability seems to have recommended it to the Greeks of the fifth century, who delighted in subtleties of argument and in the demonstration that one probability was more probable than another probability.

These texts often adapt concepts, terminology, organization, and precepts from classical sources, consciously or unconsciously, but they have abandoned the focus on judicial rhetoric that characterized earlier handbooks. Judicial rhetoric became the exclusive province of lawyers. 28 technical rhetoric chapter 3 Sophistic Rhetoric Handbooks were not the only source of skill for one who wished to learn speaking and argumentation in classical Greece. The older tradition of imitating a successful orator, without necessarily any conceptualization of the techniques involved, continued to be followed and became the characteristic form of rhetorical study in what may be called the ‘‘schools’’ of sophists.

Rhetorical handbooks like Rhetoric for Herennius were studied by young men aspiring to a public career, or, as in the case of Cicero’s On Invention, are a compilation of their own technical rhetoric 25 studies written for themselves. These works will be discussed in detail in Chapter 5. Handbooks and technical treatises were written on a variety of other subjects in antiquity. The earliest are medical works, originating in the school of Hippocrates in the fifth century; some, for example On Airs, Waters, and Places, are theoretical, but others, for example On Wounds to the Head, are practical handbooks for physicians and surgeons.

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