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It promotes clear thinking and calms you and your companions. Pull your hair out of your face, wash your face, and take a moment to remove irritants. Inspect your body. Look for wounds and clean them if you can. ✓ Adjust your clothing. If your clothes are chafing you, locate the problem and eliminate it. Some small discomfort can take away your strength overnight. ✓ Get something in your stomach. A hot meal or some hot liquid can sometimes give people a lot of strength. Some people decline very quickly when there’s nothing to eat.

In this section, we discuss different types of kits. Each list of equipment is slightly more elaborate than the previous one. Sometimes we list a piece of equipment twice because to be fully prepared, having two types of a particular item is ideal. Five items you need You need to have five basic items with you at all times, even if others in your party have them, too. Without these items, you’re utterly defenseless — naked, in fact. You can put three of these items on a keychain, and four out of the five can fit in one pocket.

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