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By Christopher B. Teuton

On a cold autumn night we assemble on the Cherokee history heart in Park Hill, simply outdoors of Tahlequah in northeastern Oklahoma. i'm assembly with Hastings colour, Sammy nonetheless, Sequoyah bet, and Woody Hansen, a gaggle of Cherokee storytellers who name themselves the Turtle Island Liars’ membership. The Turtle Island Liars’ membership is an institution—its participants have played jointly for almost 20 years and are identified all through Cherokee kingdom and nationally for his or her mastery of Cherokee oral functionality and standard teachings. The membership and that i are taking part at the first selection of Western Cherokee storytelling released in over...

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I knew, maybe, something would happen to Jade. But that was two weeks ago and I kind of put it aside. But I did tell my wife about a day or so later. Well, you’re always supposed to wait seven days or even seven weeks before something like that . . seven, anyway, to tell. I didn’t. ’ “And, the two people in the dream that said, ‘Wait’ turned out to be my wife. Somebody who I thought would be wanting to rush down there. Totally out of her character. So, I got to thinking today when Jade was telling me when we was driving back to Tahlequah to the house.

I sent it to Hastings, and he and Sequoyah used that computer to create lesson materials for their Cherokee language courses and write down their stories in Cherokee. ” 7+( :$7(5 63,'(5 $1' 7+( ),5( By Hastings Shade Many years ago, when Mother Earth was still young, it was dark and cold where the Indians lived. All the creatures that the Creator had put here on Mother Earth were white, except Man. They Alenihv (Beginnings) 49 Doyunisi all communicated with each other because their language was the same.

I asked. “Giduninugo—that means, like, this come out,” Hastings said, making a motion with his fingers reaching up, like the stems of a plant stretch- 40 Alenihv (Beginnings) ing toward the sun. “See, at one time we were gatherers. We gathered, we hunted, and then we established villages. We began to farm. We began to be growers. Then we began to establish villages. “The Cherokees were the first to get the fire. This is where we get part of our name: Anitsalagi or Anitsila. The Fire People. ’ From these two names came Cherokee.

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