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By Bari. 36. Arapacana, white, two-handed, lengthy, by aciirya Padmasambhava, tr. by PaQ<;lita Amoghavajra and Bari. lg'iti I 27 37· 38. 39· 40. 41. 42. Visuddha-Maiijusri, or Maiijusri-vajra, yellow, three-headed, six-armed, tr. by Bari. Bhagavat Maiijusri-vajra, red, two-armed, Lord and companions, five in number. Maiijusri Vadiraj, two-armed, Lord and companion, two in number, tr. by Bari. Maiijusri-rajalila, red-yellow, two-handed. Maiijusri, associate ofprajna, tr. by Bari. Namasarpgiti Maiijusri, white, three-faced, four arms.

8-5-8, speaks of twelve verses. That the material of Chapter VII does begin with VI, 24 is clear from the Tibetan evocation rituals (sadhana, sgrub thabs) of Vajrabhairava. Having looked at several, I know the performer soon identifies himself with a human-appearing Mafijusri, with one head and two arms that carry the sword and the scripture book at his chest or upon a lotus. Among these descriptions, one by Tson-khapa is very well written (cited in Rgyud sde kun btus, Vol. , Tha, Arabic no. 317, or f.

On their characteristic mounts. ), the nine classical planets of Indian astronomy-astrology, the four headed by Balabhadra on mounts, the eight serpent gods starting with Ananta, the eight asura kings headed by Vemacitri, the eight Yak~a kings accompanied by Hariti, and the twenty-eight asterisms (na~atra). ala can fit into the subject matter of the briefChapter IV (only three verses). Notice that this chapter lists in verse 2 the twelve vowels. These go with twelvefold sets, the four such in the second circle.

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