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“The e-book proposes an method for the size of the results of tax reforms mostly within the box of capital source of revenue taxation. … The ebook is dependent in 6 chapters. … meant to an viewers interested by monetary and taxation matters that's whilst rather established to the thoughts of equilibrium models.” (Vangelis Grigoroudis, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1170, 2009)

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While the tax reform reduced the tax burden of non-corporate firms, the effect on corporate firms is two-fold. Corporations which finance new investment out of retained earnings are at an advantage, followed by non-corporate firms, and finally by corporations using new share issues as a marginal source of finance. In general, the tax rate differential between non-corporate and corporate firms has widened and no neutrality is attained with regard to the choice of legal form. 6 percentage points in 2005. One of the main reasons for the need to reform the German tax system is the country’s poor economic performance.

32 3 The Dual Income Tax Fig. 1 depicts the effect of levying a corporate or a capital income tax in a small open economy with a current account surplus (since saving S 0 is larger than investment I 0 ). The equilibrium level of investment is determined by the intersection of the downward sloping marginal product of capital M P C curve, which illustrates the relationship between the demand for capital and the market interest rate r. The equilibrium level of saving is determined by the equality between the marginal rate of time preference M RT P and the market rate of interest.

The reduction in labor taxes has a positive effect on the labor cost but total labor demand is unlikely to change. This is due to the fact that the reduced capital stock (stemming from higher capital gains taxes) leads to a reduction in marginal labor productivity which counteracts the effect of lower labor costs. Although each individual reform component does have a significant effect on the economy, they tend to act in opposite directions, such that the overall welfare effect of the reform is moderate.

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