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By Samuel Bradford

This self-study guidebook is designed for the person that faces corrosion difficulties on the topic of metals yet who has no formal education within the topic. instead of studying by way of making errors that can even improve the matter, the reader may be capable of determine the kind of corrosion and be guided to the easiest how one can resolve, or at the very least deal with, the location.

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Ref. 3). Rotating shafts may fail by fatigue eventually, especially if they are heavily loaded, as a crankshaft. The torsional stress has a tensile component that opens and extends the crack. S-N curves show the fatigue resistance of metals. The S stands for the maximum tensile stress in the loading cycle, while the N is the number of loading cycles completed before failure occurs. 7 compares S-N curves of a ferrous metal (a normalized steel) with a nonferrous metal, in this case a precipitation hardened aluminum alloy.

Could this be cavitation? Answer: Shut it off immediately before it explodes. It is very likely to be cavitation and can be deadly. Corrosive Wear Wear by itself can damage metals severely. Combine wear with corrosion and you will see even more serious effects as the wear continually removes protective passive films, allowing corrosion to continue unchecked. Actually, almost all wear is corrosive wear because metals react virtually instantaneously with air when fresh, bare metal is exposed by wear.

Tough metallurgical microstructures that might halt or slow a fatigue crack are quickly dissolved away in corrosion fatigue. Cracks are transgranular, usually with no branching. Initiation of many cracks is common, with only one extending any great distance and finally failing. With aluminum alloys, initiation often occurs at sites of intergranular corrosion. Fracture surfaces look much like fatigue failures, with beach marks and corrosion products usually being evident. 9 shows a fracture surface.

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