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By Brian Jacques

The Flying Dutchman! The legend of the wind-tattered ghost send and its mad sea Captain, cursed to sail the seas eternally, has been handed down in the course of the centuries. yet what of the younger boy and his puppy who have been trapped aboard that send? What grew to become of them?

during this, considered one of Brian Jacques's most unique adventures, the castaway boy and puppy trigger on an everlasting trip in their personal, braving icy wind and waves to reach at unusual seashores, and discover new locations and occasions. The not going Chapelvale village is their first vacation spot, a Victorian city lower than siege. If Ben and his puppy, Ned, can assist the townspeople determine the clues and riddles hidden underneath floorboards and deep within wells--perhaps they could retailer Chapelvale and its humans as well.

Brian Jacques as you may have by no means obvious him sooner than!

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Take this to Kapitan, Neb. ” Neb nodded solemnly and left the galley as if he were walking on eggs. Jamil slurped stew noisily. “Hah, he understand, all right. ” Petros stroked his knife edge against a greased stone. “Neb better learn . . ” A timid knock sounded on the captain’s cabin door. Somehow or other Neb had found his way there. Vanderdecken looked up from the single emerald he had been given as part payment. ” As the door opened, the Dutchman had his hand on a sword set on a ledge under the table edge.

Petros stood to attention, mimicked Vanderdecken’s stance, then made as if he were a captain dining, tucking an imaginary napkin into his shirtfront. “Kapitan eat, understand. ” Petros looked askance at the Arab. ” Jamil broke ship’s biscuit into his stew and stirred it. “I hear a Christian read it once, from a Bible book. ” Petros scratched his big, grimy beard. “Nebu . . Nebu. Is too hard to say. ” He presented the boy with the tray, then poked his finger several times into the lad’s narrow chest.

Maybe ’tis no bad thing, I’ve heard it said that silence is golden. Are you golden, boy? ” Neb shrugged expressively. The captain’s hand strayed to his vest pocket, and he patted it. “Luck is for fools who believe that sort of thing. I make my own luck. ” Immediately he applied himself to the food. Wrinkling his nose in distaste, he looked up at Neb. “Are you still here? ” Bobbing his head respectfully, Neb retreated from the cabin. Next day and every day after that was much the same for Neb, punctuated with oaths, kicks, and smarting blows from the knotted rope that the fat, greasy sea cook Petros had taken to carrying.

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