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Property boundaries were not contiguous, and spaces between properties were preserved for free passage. This system may have given rise to the. idea of public roads. It was viewed as a fundamental affront to any household god to touch, or to trespass in any way, the boundary which a particular gen established through its familial religion. Land, including the family hearth, could not be conveyed to an™Op. dt, pp. 62-72. OWNERSHIP OF LAND 49 other family regardless of circumstances. This ancient custom, perpetuated through the gens and phratries, may have led to the fear often evinced by modern socialists that those who own land become a privileged and perpetual landed aristocracy.

Those who look at men as fundamentally good, view the state as harmful; some of them because the state appears to protect property owners who rightfully ought not to own all they do; others, because the state is an agency of expropriation and consistently deprives men of what they have honestly acquired. These two views of the evil of the state in relation to property illustrate the contrary opinions expressed by anarchists and autarchists. Chapter VII Joint Ownership While it is apparent that individual ownership occurring under moral conditions is correct or proper ownership, there is no reason why joint or corporate ownership cannot be equally correct, at least within limits.

Obviously, if the child is a trespasser, the responsibility of the owner is reduced. Nonetheless, the owner of the dynamite is still the owner, and the child is not. The owner would be morally involved with the explosion, even though he doesn't value the dynamite and was in process of getting rid of it. He is the last true owner and, as such, is still responsible, at least to a degree. Another example: A man is flying his private plane above a city and the engine stalls. He cannot start the engine no matter how hard he tries.

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