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A learner's dictionary that incorporates university curriculum vocabulary. This dictionary is ideal for college students learning tuition matters in English. the entire phrases you wish, from chemistry to geography, maths to economics, are defined in transparent, uncomplicated language. precious notes on grammar, collocation and customary learner mistakes in addition to hundreds of thousands of instance sentences assist you comprehend and use phrases in a average approach. the original research part specializes in worthwhile research thoughts and themes corresponding to writing essays, utilizing numbers and constructing revision abilities. be aware accomplice bins convey how phrases are used jointly, and Learner mistakes notes taken from the Cambridge Learner Corpus assist you keep away from usual blunders.

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Aimless / eimləs/ adjective with no purpose airless / eələs/ adjective An airless room does not have enough fresh air. Ȝ aimlessly adverb ain’t /eint/ informal short for am not, is not, are airlift / eəlift/ noun [C] when people or things are moved by aircraft because it is too difficult not, have not, or has not. This word is not conor too slow to travel by road an airlift of medsidered correct by most people. ical supplies Ȝ airlift verb [T] [often passive] Three k air1 /eər/ noun 1 GAS [U] the mixture of gases small children were airlifted to safety.

I was wrong - I admit it. [+ (that)] He finally admitted that he couldn’t cope. 2 ALLOW [T] to allow someone to enter somewhere, especially to take someone who is ill into hospital UK to be admitted to hospital/ US to be admitted to the hospital Ț It says on the ticket ‘admits 2’. admittance /əd mitəns/ noun [U] permission to enter a place admittedly /əd mitidli/ adverb used when you are agreeing that something is true although you do not want to Admittedly I was partly to blame but it wasn’t all my fault.

That)] He alleges that Bates attacked him. alleged /ə led d/ adjective [always before noun] believed to be true, but not proved an alleged attack Ȝ allegedly /ə led idli/ adverb He was arrested for allegedly stealing a car. allegiance /ə li d əns/ noun [U] loyalty and support To become a citizen, you have to pledge/ swear allegiance to (= say you will be loyal to) the United States. allegory / dli əri/ noun [C, U] LITERATURE a story, poem, or painting that has a hidden meaning, especially a moral one Ȝ allegorical / dli ɒrikəl/ adjective allele /ə li l/ noun [C] BIOLOGY one of two or more genes (= part of cell that controls characteristics) that is found in the same position in a chromosome (= part of a cell), and so produces a particular characteristic such as eye colour allergen / dləd ən/ noun [C] HEALTH a substance that can make some people ill if they eat it, touch it or breathe it in allergic /ə l d ik/ adjective 1 HEALTH [never before noun] having an allergy I’m allergic to eggs.

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